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Livelihood Skills Program

A unique feature kept alive at the heart of the Skill School project, an earnest endeavor by the Career Launcher team to raise the employability of the young Indian, is its pervasive nature.  Whereas  the Graduate Finishing School and Pre-Hire Training divisions of the Skill School provide the educated youth with an opportunity to further develop and hone their skills in a manner that enhances their employability, the Livelihood Skills Program division of the Skill School is there to enforce the 'NO INDIAN LEFT BEHIND' attitude, by reaching out to the uneducated, unemployed masses of rural India and empowering them with the opportunity of education, work and a more prosperous future. The focus here is on  provision of necessary means to procure a sustainable livelihood through capacity building.

The aim of this venture is to effectively tackle the unemployment problem of our rural economy by working towards this goal from two different directions:

  1. Drastically raising 'employability' through provision of carefully tailored vocational education that includes technical as well as soft skills and;
  2. Creating placement opportunities for the students at the end of the program, which involves networking with potential employees and organizing interviews.
    Creating self-employment opportunities by handholding to support his funding, delivery and distribution efforts.

Currently, CL is involved with the Rajasthan Governments RMoL project in its maiden venture that has already spawned two training centers, one each at  Sri Ganganagar and Hanumangarh. Another two centers, at Bikaner and Jhunjhnu, are in development.

The emphasis of this program is on the marginalized youth and providing them with the opportunity of education in a skill that would ensure instant employment. The target age group of the program is between 18-25 years, ranging from the high school drop out, unemployed youngster as well as the occasional professional looking to upgrade their skills. The courses offered range between various entry level skills, mechanics, repairmen, etc. The duration is kept within the period of 2-3 months to ensure maximum benefit within the least time possible, and a greater reach among the local population. The focus of this program is on mass upliftment and not premium education. 

The idea behind the Skill School projects goes beyond simple provision of  technical or specialized knowledge. It is to ensure that the employability of the trainee is greatly enhanced as well. For this, we designed a structure that fine tunes the entire personality of the student, transforming him/her  into a  more valuable and effective resource for any organization. This involves imparting of soft skills such as spoken English, basic computer training and general job readiness that add to the holistic development of the individual as a capable, future employee.

Features of the current course:

  • The courses will be within the time frame of 2-3 months
  • Focus will be on entry level jobs
  • 2-3 weeks of on the job training
  • 1 technical and 1 soft skills instructor per course
  • Designed to ensure 100% placement